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Here is the Automotive page! Find out whats going on in the Stuffinatorz Auto World!

Here is a small business I am looking into starting.

The name I am working on getting the rights for just in case this takes off is Project Time Automotive or PTA for short. If i find a better name I'll change it, but this one seems to fit.

Basically I will have a shop with multiple garages. I will lease or rent most of them out to local enthusiasts who have car projects but no room or lifts to work with. I will also have a couple garages for repairs and customizations by the company. (any cars that have customizations will get a magnet with the company name or logo on it) There will be weekly cookouts and daily socialization. One of the main things that I want to do is build a community of people with similar interests. I will also slowly build up a scrap yard with the cars that I come across, that aren't worth fixing. It would even be nice to have car shows sponsored by the shop and maybe even a shop car club and race team or something!

This company would most likely run under my Hobby Business Stuffinatorz so it might have a shop connected to it or at least access for members to sell parts and stuff online and in the Stuffinatorz Catalog.
This would mean that Others could set things up like this in different areas but still have a base connection nationwide. I guess it could turn into a type of Franchise.

I don't plan on going into this alone by any means, I hope to have a few friends with different areas of expertise to help me out. And maybe some investors too.

Community is one of the things that I am after more than anything. I would rather make less money and get more enjoyment out of my work, and to socialize with others, than to be rich and have little time for anything else.

So what do you think? Should i keep looking into it? Have a suggestion or a question?

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Not everything is listed on the site so if there's anything that you need thats not posted just e-mail us and we'll try to help you out.

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