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Tell us what you think!

We would love to here from anyone who visits our site! If you have any Questions about Stuffinatorz or our products, Comments about our site, or any Ideas that you think would make Stuffinatorz easier to work with please E-mail us!!! We are always open to meeting new people.

Or give us a call at (612) 501-8180. (ask for Brian)

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Here are links to our other stores or other sites that we have items posted on! Check them out!

LiveDeal is our favorite online auction site. It is kind of like ebay but easier to use and totally free to post! Here's a link to out store there.

Stuffinatorz at LiveDeal

CardShark is one of the best places for trading cards! We sell on this site under the name StuffinatorB!


Stuffinatorz!!! Collecting Cards, Comics, Cars and a Bunch of random STUFF!!!