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About Us

Hey! Here's just a little bit about us here at Stuffinatorz!

Our Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is kind of broad. We want to get people connected with others like themselves. We want to have a sort of "Community" where people can buy, sell, trade, and just talk to people with the same interests. Our goal is to provide items, products and opportunities for everybody!

Our Employees

Our employees are few right now since we are very small. We are very fun loving but know when it's time for business. We have a tendency to collect everything and never throw anything away. We also like meeting new people and helping others out.

If you think that YOU'd make a good Stuffinatorz employee just e-mail us and we'll get back to you!

Our Company

Our company was Officially started in January of 2003 in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota. It is online based for the time being but we have hopes of establishing physical stores in the next couple years.

Stuffinatorz!!! Collecting Cards, Comics, Cars and a Bunch of random STUFF!!!