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Leonel Colecciónes
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Ejemplo de Productos


Se Forran Cinturones y Hebillas En Tela.
Sobres y Carteritas para Fiesta en Tela.
Carteras y Cinturones en Cuero.
Disponible Por Exportación
Leonel - (037)-55627
Uruguay, Parque Del Plata

Leonel and company hand make many items and accesories for women.  Hand crafted with genuine Leather and materials.
And more!
Prices are very good and the quality is unbeatable.
All items are made in Uruguay.  But all are available for export or shipping. 
Leonel is looking for people and companies to do business with. 
Feel free to call him at the number at the bottom of the page. He speaks Spanish and very little English.

Un Ejemplo de Productos:

Handbag by Leonel

Todo es Único (All are Unique)
For example, the Handbag featured above would be  around 7.00 Dollars American plus shipping whereas an equal one in the US would be 200!

If you don´t speak spanish but have questions, E-mail this address:
Questions in Enlish

Parque Del Plata, Uruguay
Leonel- (037)-55627
Habla Español